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The Best Thai Food in Salt Lake City

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Thai Food in Salt Lake City
Pawit's Royale Thai
Ponpawit "Pawit" Numnuan had been a partner at Thai Garden on 9th East and 4450 South. When the business arrangement went sour, he searched for a restaurant to call his own. I am happy to announce that he has found it. When Pawit opened his new restaurant, it was filled with people, eager to once again eat his delicious food.

The interior is furnished with burnt orange walls, attractive fixtures, an aquarium, and a plasma TV offering the sights of Thailand. The recipes came from back home in Bangkok, and the food is cooked from scratch. The menu is extensive and provides good insight into Thai food. Appetizers include chicken, pork and beef satay, grilled on skewers and served with peanut sauce and cucumber salad. Eggplant (Phat Ma-Kheua) is a popular specialty, sauteed with sweet basil leaves in black bean sauce and dried chili. We also had a bowl of tom kha, the best chicken soup in the world, which at Pawit's place is rich, milky and sweet, with lots of lemongrass flavor and spoonsful of crunchy veggies and lean chicken. This is a dish for adults that kids can enjoy, too. If you get overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of succulent choices, Pawit himself likely will arrive at your table with greetings and good advice.

When you come to Salt Lake City, you cannot leave until you've tried Pawit's Royal Thai Cuisine. It's the kind of restaurant that is a testament to Salt Lake City's diversity.
1968 East Murray Holladay Rd.
  • 4800 South in Holladay - Phone: (801) 277-3658

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